What is 589?

What is 589?

What is 589?

If you’ve ever dived into the world of cryptocurrencies, you might have come across the term “589.” So, what is 589, and why is it significant?

The Origins of 589:

The 589 meme began in the XRP cryptocurrency community: it started when there was social media buzz around a software called Cobalt that could make XRP transactions faster. 

In fact, according to David Schwartz, a key figure in the XRP community, using Cobalt could reduce transaction times from seven seconds to less than two. 

Excitement over this potential improvement led some to speculate, jokingly, that the price of XRP would reach $589 by the end of the year (EOY) because the atomic weight of cobalt is 58.9 atomic units.

This prediction, while not serious, caught on as a powerful meme, popularized by a character known as BearableGuy123. Over time, the exact origins faded, but the number 589 became a symbol of optimism and community within the XRP space.

589 Designs: From Meme to Brand

Recognizing the cultural impact of the 589 meme, Riccardo Stella founded 589 Consulting to help people navigate the cryptocurrency space responsibly. He chose the name “589” to reflect the importance of understanding memes and psychology in crypto.

Riccardo also began creating custom gifts for his clients such as playing cards featuring his own paintings, which were well-received. This led to the creation of this site, 589 Designs, showcasing these unique products.

Over time, we partnered with talented artists to bring their art to more people, too.

Join Our Journey

At 589 Designs, you’ll find custom art products inspired by the spirit of innovation and community that 589 represents.

Whether you're in the market for a new phone case or simply looking for unique, creative gift ideas, 589 Designs offers a wide variety of artistic expression so you can find exactly what fits.

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